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  1. Take Me
  2. What I Know
  3. magicae praefatio
  4. Magic Cruise
  5. Jamboulé
  6. Open up the Door
  7. Mountain for Two
  8. Lose Control
  9. Talk to the Sun
  10. 1000 Years
  11. Wrong Side

Jamboulé Liner Notes
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On a journey through a dark and balmy forest  one stumbles upon a frenetic, happily raucous scene of frivolity and mirth.  You are instantly consumed by the urge to writhe and join the fury of liquid activity, sensuous movement and flame... Jamboulé!

our original songs capture the energy and excitement of such an event and we offer up the title song as an homage to Carnivale celebrations everywhere.

we have been writing these songs and performing them at live shows all over the US and Caribbean for the past 5 years. with this new CD you can take us with you wherever you go.

in Trinidad/Tobago the word "ramajay" refers to an elite enthusiastic jam session so, in addition to the 5 Ramajay guys you know and Love, we have enlisted the help of the amazing Will Kimbrough to be our musical guru and have lined up some VERY special guests to join us in this musical adventure.

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