Ramajay Intercoastal

the word Ramajay in Trinidad/Tobago means a "spirited jam session".

Ramajay Intercoastal is a band that blends two unlikely but similar musical styles, Island and Rock, in a very spirited fashion. A musical collaboration between Steel Drummer Quincy Yeates (Tobago) and Guitarist/Singer "Tall" Paul Bobal (Nashville), their songwriting contains deep, infectious grooves and catchy melodies balanced by intriguing lyrics... there are hints of Soul, Rock, Calypso and Reggae throughout their music.

Quincy's uniquely creative steel drum playing is complimented by the rhythm section that holds these intricate songs together while making you want to dance uncontrollably... Michael Robertson (Percussion), Klee Liles (Bass) and Alonzo Lewis (Drums)

Come experience Ramajay for yourself! facebook.com/Ramajay

Upcoming Events

Wild Wing Cafe Knoxville
Fri December 16th @ 10:00 pm
Smoky Mtn Brewery Maryville
Fri January 13th @ 10:00 pm
Smoky Mtn Brewery Turkey Creek
Fri February 03rd @ 9:00 pm
Laid Back Attack
Fri July 21st @ 8:00 pm

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